About us and our materials

CASUMM – Collaborative for the Advancement of Studies in Urbanism through Mixed Media, promotes and undertakes projects to understand the ‘development’ of contemporary cities, as well as the ongoing impact of the urban sector reforms better known as the “Urban Reform Agenda” .

As we explore the evolving urbanism in Indian cities, our work is rooted in analysis of the politics and contestation of everyday life. In other words, we develop research products that are substantiated with grounded fieldwork and embedded in local dynamics, even in the exploration of global themes.

Inter-disciplinary approaches are central to understanding the dynamics of the city. CASUMM contributes to forums for academics, activists, policymakers, professionals and students across a range of disciplines to engage and conceptualize the city in creative and varied ways.

CASUMM as an organisation has discontinued its activities since May 2008, after completing its current projects and is now no longer functioning.

As the implementation of the urban reforms agenda speedily unfolds and its impacts are felt in many fields ongoingly, the material on this website will remain and more research studies or information will be added. We hope you will keep visiting often………..


CASUMM explores multiple avenues for representing and distributing its work in the public domain, including the internet. Some of its publications and papers are available for downloading on this page. Follow the links below to access and download documents.



Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee:


Special Economic Zones:


Impact of IFI loans and projects:


Impact of Mega infrastructure projects:

 Urban Infrastructure, Planning and Urban Poor:
o CASUMM CIVIC Workshop Presentation: Urban Governance, Infrastructure Planning, and the Urban Poor
o CASUMM-CIVIC Workshop Minutes: Infrastructure & Urban Poor Project
o CASUMM Bellandur Group Meeting
 Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission:
 o JNNURM URA and the Urban Poor
o Rethinking Governance: Strategies for Promoting Pro-Poor Development in Cities
o New Urban Governance
o Community Participation Law Position Paper
o Governance and Civil Society Position Paper
o JNNURM’s role in financially restructuring urban infrastructure
o Facilitating Private Entry into Urban Infrastructure: What it means within the framework of the JNNURM
o Lobbying for change: the story of corporate India’s engagement in urban governance
o Institutionalizing Citizens’ Participation


Water Sector Reforms:


By Dr. Janaki Turaga: