Mysore not water privatisation only its openly buisness development and growth

Unless someone gets hold of the MoA signed between the parties and reveals it publicly would it be correct to say that this is the way the to go ? It will be important to look at the restructuring of responsibilities and the allocation of risks as well

and one answer viz., 24 X 7 water supply comes after 4 years by when JNNURM will be over ……

There may be other options but transparency is most important. We could also look at the model in Kerala under the ADB and JNNURM projects for e.g.

JNNURM is a victim of ideological distortions which are not based on citizens needs.

and Govt grants are not meant to complete a project but subsidise the private sector and bail them out with oodles of taxpayers money for “sustainable growth” of business. In JNNURM Govt grants are seen as equity. So 152 crs of GoI funds is now going to them and so will another 32 crs from MCC and GoK . This sort of shows what is going on in the name of PPP is private sector business development and not services

and where in the country has JUSCO run and maintained a 24 hr water supply project for more than a year for a one million population like Mysore ?


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