Corporate Governance rules ; democracy is the loser

This explains why there is no transparency in these matters. Clearly the Mysore mayor and councils role is conveniently overlooked in every such case

Corporate sector deals brook no Democracy. Democratic norms and institutions are repeatedly getting sacrificed at the altar of Corporate Governance. Is this the sacrifice that Infrastructure calls for ? Then why do we need MLAs/ MLCs and MPs we might as well let “Corporate Governance”;- transparent as it is to take charge over all functioning a script which is being written by the corporate sector and KUIDFC in practice.



Mysore, Dec. 4 (DV)- A private agency of Jamshedpur, belonging to Tata Group, has signed an MoU with the City Corporation to take over the city water supply system.

JUSCO has signed a tripartite agreement with the City Corporation and Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWS&DB) for the supply of water and its maintenance.

Strangely, Mayor Ayub Khan is totally unaware of it.

“Perhaps the company has signed the MoU with KUWS&DB but not with the Corporation. There are some problems with regard to entrusting the water supply system to private agencies which have to be looked into. While signing such an important agreement, approval of the Corporators is required. It has not come to my notice,” the Mayor clarified.

“There is no connection between 24-hour water supply and privatisation. Many rounds of talks have been held with JUSCO. There are still many problems to be solved.

“There is no question of agreement with the company without finding solutions to these problems. The project costing Rs. 152 crore has to be implemented within the next six years. The project is being implemented in a phased manner. It is not a project on which hasty decision can be taken,” he said.


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