CASUMM benefits from collaborations and exchanges with like-minded organizations. The current collaborations of CASUMM include:

1. FDI Watch from mumbai is working with CASUMM on an FDI in retail watch campaign. Initial campaign work has started with a joint meeting organised along with the Bangalore representative of the FDI watch, to be followed by press meet and a protest to coincide with Bharti and Walmart formally signing an agreement in Bangalore. Other aspects of the campaign include awareness building on the issue among the traders and farmers through a series of seminars/workshops.

2. CIVIC is collaborating with CASUMM on a project titled – ‘Urban Local Government, Infrastructure Planning And Urban Poor’. This project is designed to study the peri-urban situation in Bangalore city (TMCs, CMC’s and Grama Panchayats) focusing on the governing system, infrastructure planning and urban poor. CASUMM will analyse and disseminate the findings of a comparative study of huge infrastructure development in the peri-urban areas around Bangalore and its spatial and socio-economic impact on the poor living in these areas.

3. Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS) is collabaroting with CASUMM on the project: Neighborhood Associations as Urban Collective Actors: A Comparative Study of Bangalore and Chennai. This project aims to systematically examine the various forms, modes and strategies through which the urban citizenry mobilizes to influence the changing structures of urban services, or to respond to them.