CASUMM undertakes research, production of materials and activism on a range of themes related to urban development, including the economic structure of cities, governance and institutions, land, infrastructure and urban environments.

To reflect the complexity of the terrain, CASUMM explores multiple forms for representing and distributing the work in the public domain. In addition to working papers and books, CASUMM promotes forms such as film and photography, animation, multimedia installations and online resources. CASUMM envisions the possibility of reaching a wider audience through such diverse means. All of the material produced by CASUMM is accessible in the public domain.

CASUMM as an organisation has discontinued its activities since May 2008, after completing its current projects and is now no longer functioning.

As the implementation of the urban reforms agenda speedily unfolds and its impacts are felt in many fields ongoingly, the material on this website will remain and more research studies or information will be added. We hope you will keep visiting often………..

1. Study of the Impact of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM)

2. Urban Local Government, Infrastructure Planning and Urban Poor – A Comparative Study of the Impact of Large Infrastructure Projects on poor groups in Peripheral Areas of Bangalore

3. Neighborhood Associations as Urban Collective Actors: A Comparative Study of Bangalore and Chennai

4. Study of Impact of Proposed Amendment to the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act on Agricultural and Retail Workers

5. SEZs and Industrial Areas: Studying Displacement, Destruction of Livelihoods and Common Resources

6. Studying Impact of Mega Infrastructure Projects through Urban Renewal and Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)

7. Study of Bangalore’s Urban Lakes

8. Water Sector Reforms

9. Impact of IFI loans and Projects


One response to “Projects

  1. padam saini

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings from India,

    Interested to work in your organization

    Cover letter:
    I am M.Tech-Urban Planner, having interest in Development plans, Perspective Planning, Neighborhood Planning,
    Possess knowledge of urban planning and development practices, including urban design, community development and revitalization; redevelopment planning and processes; mapping and graphic illustration; advanced planning research techniques; methods of statistical analysis; municipal building and zoning codes and the uses of United States Census and other data. Also possess the skills and ability to design and efficiently conduct field surveys and research efforts; prepare and organize complex reports and graphic illustrations; effective communicate both oral and written form; prepare reports, proposals and written materials of an analytical, technical and evaluative nature; project and consultant management
    Presently working as Urban Planner with NGO-PRIA, in India, Ranchi, handling project of formulation of “City Development Plan” for one of the Districts of Ranchi.

    Yours sincerely
    Padam Saini

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